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With a long-standing passion for traditional handmade sausages, our ‘sausage home’ was established in 2014. It has been making sausages, meatballs and the great British favourite pigs in blankets ever since. With a focus on fresh, quality products, and even some unique flavours like cranberry and wild boar & apple. Every sausage is handmade with much love by our chief sausage maker (and Managing Director) Lee, using the correct ratio of meat to fat content.

We do not take shortcuts, and no expense is spared in the procurement of our ingredients.  Our priority when making every sausage, meatball and burger is to create a fresh, healthy and quality product to ensure customer satisfaction.

All our products are made in a HACCP certified food safe environment, with stringent quality control procedures to ensure every sausage in every batch is consistent.


 GPS, prides itself on sourcing leading producers of fresh pork with industry expertise alongside a deep understanding of the entire supply chain, from farm to fork.

Bringing to the table a great nutritional profile of healthy vitamins and minerals, pork has many lean options that appeal to health conscious eaters and a versatility that attracts adventurous cooks. From foodservice to home cooking and grilling, pork has no shortage of flavour options – it’s a blank canvas. 


  • Smoked and cured Pork
  • Perhaps the most popular and flavourful cured pork product is bacon – salt cured and usually smoked pork belly.
  • Ham is a cut from the hind leg, but the term is also sometimes used for cured shoulder. It may be fresh, but is most often cured in salt brine and may then be smoked.
  • Pork Shoulder, a delicious cut of meat, perfect for roasting and full of flavour. Pork Hocks sweetest tasting pork, with delicious crispy crackling.

Go the whole hog ask our experienced sales team about Skins, Hocks, Feet, Ears, and yes, even Snouts.  Whatever your requirements are for Pork, our excellent team can help you.


We can provide premium grade chicken fillets and other chicken products all sourced and reared on EU farms that ooze quality and have a homemade appeal, We have chicken with bone from various parts of chicken and in bone chicken has more taste and a firmer texture. Our range of in bone products includes drumsticks, wings and legs. We also have options for organic, traditional whole birds, fillets and even chicken paws. The list goes on.

Contact us to find out about our delicious chicken offers.

Chicken Paws

Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Wings


At GPS foods we work hard to provide the highest quality beef products, focusing on quality and taste, working with some of the best meat processors and sourced from trusted suppliers. GPS prides itself on being BRC certified, and as part of our supplier chain we work closely with them to make sure they hold a recognised certificate, like BRC or Red tractor. Certification brings approval, traceable, safe and responsibly sourced food.

We offer a wide range of beef products and cater for all tasted and preferences from lean cuts like topsides and silversides, striploin and rump, our customers are assured of great taste and top quality.

Other great tasting options include rib of beef, beefchuck roll, knuckle and shin of beef.

Beef silverside, outside flat
Beef Rump
Beef topside


Goat is considered to be red meat, but it contains 72% of the saturated fat in chicken and 16% of the saturated fat in beef. It can be kosher or halal. As hormones are not approved for growth promotion in goats, it comes with a clean bill of health. Low fat and high protein, goat meat is definitely the way to go.

With various cut available, we have something to suit everyone. 

Goat Leg
Goat Meat for Stew

See recipe below for Greek Roasted Goat

  • Rub the meat with salt and pepper.
  • Make small incisions throughout the meat and put inside one clove of garlic and some rosemary.
  • Place the meat and some potatoes in a pan, add wine and lemon juice, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with oregano.
  • Wrap well with foil and bake for 2 hours on a medium heat.

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