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Meat Corporation of Namibia - Namibia


Botswana Meat Commision - Botswana


Woodhead Brothers – United Kingdom

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Meat Corporation Of Namibia

Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) is the largest beef processing business based in Namibia.
Namibia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world with a unique tradition of livestock husbandry dating back centuries. The early 1900’s saw the introduction of European beef cattle breeds which eventually led to the establishment of a beef processing industry that has developed in the intervening years. Cattle are of huge economic significance to the majority of the citizens of Namibia who are directly or indirectly involved in livestock and meat production.

GPS Food Group has been in partnership with Meatco since early 2009 and in that time has developed the Natures Reserve branded beef range that is now firmly established in a number of international markets. The brand attests the unique qualities of Namibian beef which was previously sold as a commodity product.

GPS Food Group, through its partnership with Meatco, has developed a customer bespoke product range that is meticulously prepared ready for retail sale direct to the consumer. This transformation of the Meatco offer, through development of the Natures Reserve brand, has involved working closely with the procurement, production and technical teams within the Meatco business to deliver a world class product offer. GPS Food Group now manages Meatco’s international sales, marketing and logistics functions in a partnership that continues to evolve.

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Botswana Meat Commision

Botswana Meat Commision (BMC) was established in 1965 and is the most significant beef processing business based in Botswana operating from three modern abattoir facilities all operating to independently audited international standards.

Botswana is a country with a diverse range of eco-systems balancing traditional cattle husbandry with thriving wild life, tourism and industry sectors. Catle production is hugely significant in the lives of Batswana people, the majority of whom are linked in some way with cattle and beef production.

GPS Food Group has worked in partnership with BMC since 2012 developing and marketing a customer and market specific range of beef products. GPS Food Group manages the marketing of BMC products throughout Africa, Europe and Asia supporting the supply chain operations within BMC to deliver a superior product and service to a discerning international customer base.



Woodhead Brothers – The Export Partnership

Woodhead Brothers is one of the largest livestock processing operations based in the United Kingdom. With three abattoir facilities strategically located the business processes over two million sheep, cattle and pigs annually.

GPS Food Group has worked with Woodhead Brothers since 2010. During that period the partnership has evolved to the extent that GPS now manage the export sales of meat and co-products outside of the United Kingdom on behalf of Woodhead Brothers.

Woodhead Brothers rely on our global market knowledge and market access to add value to the business through the development of a market specific product range.

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